Schütte-Lanz SL 20

SL 20


Navy ship based at Ahlhorn. Burnt in huge hangar explosion and fire with four zeppelin airships on January 5, 1918 after only two missions.


Schütte-Lanz SL 20 Size 6.0Mb

Pilot Notes

Gas valve controls

Rigid airships like SL 20 take-off light in a static maneuver and normally land weighed-off to slightly heavy in a static maneuver. The primary use for the gas valves is to reduce static lightness when needed.

Ballast controls

Ground crew


Engine Controls

Engines are controlled with the "Machine Telegraph".
Machine Telegraph
There is no need for the usual key commands. To start the engine just click on the "Leer" text left to the lever. The left part of the lever will jump into position. When the command is executed (Engine started or throttle changed) the right part of the lever will jump into position.

Engines are arranged from left to right, the fore engine is on the far left, then comes the left side engine, next comes then right side engine and finally the two aft engines.